Our Lessons

My lessons will cover everything from the basics upwards to help you develop as a well-rounded guitarist.

For beginner guitarists, I will start by helping you to gain a foundation understanding of the guitar - enabling you to play basic chords and riffs.

This will draw upon songs and bands from your favourite genres, even at this early stage of learning to play the guitar.

We will also look at rhythm, timing and strumming patterns to ensure that you can play along with simplified versions of songs you like. Everything will begin to build upon this early knowledge, as more intermediate and advanced players learn more about music theory, time signatures and modes.

All levels of guitarists will be taught how to learn and write guitar tablature and understand accurate transcriptions of your favourite songs. While intermediate and advanced guitarists will explore improvisation, songwriting and recording skills depending on their ambitions on the guitar.

All lesson studies are recorded on CD plus backing tracks to take home and practice/play along to. I also offer help with GCSE and A Level music syllabus, as well as teaching graded guitar exams through the Rockschool & Registry Of Guitar Tutors syllabus. This is entirely optional for students to undertake, with many of my guitar students simply learning for their own pleasure.

No matter what level you currently are as a guitarist I would be delighted to help you progress your playing, giving you more creative freedom and enjoyment of playing. I am able to help beginner guitarists, as well as those guitarists who feel that they are "stuck in a rut", having plateaued in their guitar playing. Drawing on over 20+ years of professional experience I have specially designed exercises that will ensure rapid progress to help you achieve your ambitions on the guitar. For more information about my guitar lessons in Peterborough simply get in touch via info@guitarlessonspeterborough.com.

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